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Mountain Meadows Massacre: the Andrew Jensen and David H. Morris Collections
by Richard Eyring Turley Jr., Ronald W. Walker

With all the controversy surrounding the massacre at Mountain Meadows on September 11, 1857, wouldn’t it be nice to get firsthand accounts from the participants in that tragic event?\

As Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Glen M. Leonard were researching their book “Massacre at Mountain Meadows: An American Tragedy” (Oxford University Press, 2008), they discovered several oral interviews, written statements, and letters from some of those participants. These documents were crucial to their research, and now they are available in a new book, “Mountain Meadows Massacre: The Andrew Jenson and David H. Morris Collections,” copublished by Brigham Young University Press and University of Utah Press. This new book makes available two significant archival collections known but largely unavailable to previous researchers.

“During our years of research,” write Turley and Walker in the book’s preface, “we hoped to leave no source unturned. One bystander, hearing of our aspiration, asked where we thought we’d find the richest vein of materials. ‘Perhaps here in Salt Lake City,’ one of us said. That prediction proved to be accurate.” These two collections were both in possession of the LDS Church, but each has its own story.

The Jenson and Morris collections are now available in their entirety for the first time. In ”Mountain Meadows Massacre,” images of the original documents are accompanied by typed transcriptions, which reproduce original spelling, punctuation, strikethroughs, and inserted words or characters. Introductory text explains in detail how each document collection came to be, how the Church came to possess these materials, and where they were archived. Brief biographical sketches introduce the individuals who provided the information that appears in the document collections.

“While the massacre continues to shock and distress,” write the editors, “we hope that the publication of these documents will be a further step in facilitating understanding, sharing sorrows, and promoting reconciliation. We are honored to present these documents as supplements to ‘Massacre at Mountain Meadows.’”
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