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Medical Aphorisms Treatises 6-9: A Parallel Arabic-English Edition
by Gerrit Bos

Medical Aphorisms is undoubtedly the best known and most compendious of Maimonides' medical works. It consists of about fifteen hundred aphorisms culled mainly from the treatises of Galen, either as direct quotations or as summaries, and arranged into twenty-five treatises.

Most of the traditional medieval medical subspecialties are represented in this work, including anatomy, physiology, gynecology, hygiene, and diet.

In addition, Maimonides includes a section addressing unusual cases from Galen, and another containing his own criticisms of Galen's theories.

The central subjects of the treatises in this volume are prognosis, aetiology, therapy, and pathology. Most of these aphorisms are based on the works of Galen. Because the source texts from which several of them were derived are no longer extant, these aphorisms provide tantalizing clues about aspects of Galen's thought that are otherwise unknown.

They, thus serve as a window onto the ancient medical theories of Galen as well as on the medieval practice of Maimonides.
39.95, 978-0842526647

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